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Using research, reading research, accessing research
Doing research: principles, methods
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Writing for Equity in Health
Equity in health implies addressing differences in health status that are unnecessary, unavoidable and unfair. Equity-motivated interventions seek to allocate resources preferentially to those with the lowest health status. This means understanding and influencing the redistribution of social and economic resources for equity-oriented interventions, and understanding and informing the power and ability people have to make choices over health inputs and to use these choices for better health. [adapted from author]
This manual is intended to help writers develop writing skills and the ability to produce easily understood health information which can be disseminated to a diverse audience. This edition of the manual is a guide for producing scientific reports, peer-reviewed articles, EQUINET policy and discussion papers, briefs and reports.
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The following references are protected files on the IPHU internet storage site. The address and key will be provided to enrolled participants.

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