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Faculty and Associates

IPHU Faculty and Associates The following folk have either taught at one or more IPHU courses or helped to organise courses.

(Please advise coordinator if you have been inadvertently left off this list or inappropriately listed or improperly described. Please provide link to a more definitive homepage (if you have one) and contact details (if you are happy to have your contact details listed).

Search the faculty members by 'name', 'Country', or a key word(s) in the bio-sketch.

Prem John and Hari John, [field_country_value]
Qasem Chowdhury, [field_country_value]
Ravi Duggal, [field_country_value]
Ravi Duggal, [field_country_value]
Remco van de Pas, [field_country_value]
Ronald Labonte, [field_country_value]
Stela Nazareth Meneghel, [field_country_value]
Susana Barria, [field_country_value]
Tej Ram Jat, [field_country_value]
Theo MacDonald, [field_country_value]